How to Be Smarter
by A.J. Jacobs
April 9, 2012
Features the author’s experience with Dr. Fallahpour in the BRC office.
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January 22, 2006
Take a deep breath – hold it – now exhale. We can’t control stress, but what we can do is understand it. Neuropsychologist Dr. Kamran Fallahpour let’s us listen to the sound of our own stress (a sort of a high pitched whine). His theory is that if you can hear your stress you can control it.

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Dr. Robert Sapolsky’s Book: Why Zebras Don’t Get Ulcers


Interactive EEG from Getty Museum
March 15, 2008-June 8, 2008
Access the video that was shown at the Getty museum:
1. View video
2. Browse by Artist
3. A-Z
4. Click on Nina Sobell
5. Watch the video “Documentation: EEG Video Drawings”