The reason we use neuropsychological testing is to get an objective snapshot of how people think and feel, react and interact with the world. Measuring cognition is the best way we have of assessing an individual’s everyday functional wellness.

At our center, we use a multimodal approach to assessing brain functionsNeuropsychological assessment involves administration of clearly defined and scientifically validated procedures (neuropsychological tests) that assess the pattern of cognitive deficits and strengths. Neuropsychological tests are designed to measure cognitive and psychological function known to be linked to certain brain structures or pathways. These tests can also quantify the extent to which the person’s responses deviate from the norm, and help identify regions of the brain involved in the deficits or strengths of specific skills.

Neuropsychological screening or a more comprehensive neuropsychological evaluation may be done for various reasons including clinical, diagnostics, academic placement (exploration of giftedness or exploring possible learning disabilities), medico-legal reasons (used in a court of law as evidence in a legal claim or criminal investigation,) etc.

These Neuropsychological tests are validated, normed and controlled for various variables such as age, sex or levels of education. In addition, it is important to note that like many other assessment procedures or imaging studies, the neuropsychological evaluation should be looked at in the context of the patient’s clinical history, chief complaints, academic and work history, reason for referral, and other variables that can help place the findings in the context of the individual’s life, experience, and real life performance history.

Neuropsychological Screening

In addition to the more traditional neuropsychological assessment tests, we also provide a standardized, validated, and normed neuropsychological screening that can be performed in conjunction with brain mapping and QEEG procedure or as a stand-alone test to get a quick and accurate cognitive profile. This neuropsychological screening reflects an individualized Cognitive Performance Profile including sensory-motor, memory, attention, verbal fluency, impulsivity and executive functions. Precise performance analysis is empowered by the world’s first total quality controlled international database on the human brain.

We use a proprietary platform developed by Brain Resource Limited. This platform includes comparison of patient data to the data in the Brain Resource ltd. International Database which has an unprecedented breadth of standardized, integrated data with respect to a range of targeted cognitive variables including memory, attention, motor functions, verbal fluency and executive functions.

A Multi-Modal Approach

At our center, we use a multimodal approach to assessing brain functions. Our brain mapping (qEEG, EEG, ERP) assessment is often accompanied by the use of a neuropsychological screening tool.