Dr. Fallahpour is a Clinical Psychologist and the director of the Brain Resource Center, New York.

Kamran-FallahpourHis clinical practice and research activities are focused on health psychology, applied neuroscience and Brain Computer Interface (BCI). Dr. Fallahpour has years of experience in assessment and treatment of various psychological and neuropsychological conditions that have their roots in the brain, the psyche, and physiology. Applying the latest findings from research in health psychology, and neuroscience, he has brought together the latest and most effective tools and techniques for a personalized, objective, and integrated approach to assessment and treatment of psychological and neuropsychological disorders.

Dr. Fallahpour’s current research includes participation in international trials identifying biomarkers in depression and ADHD, as well as, helping develop one of the largest databases of brain, cognitive, and genomic data across mental disorders. In addition to clinical and research activities, he has contributed to design and implementation of applications used for physiological monitoring and Brain Computer Interface (BCI). Such applications are used in research, clinical practice, and cognitive assessment and training. Dr. Fallahpour is currently affiliated with the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai as a Clinical Instructor in Psychiatry and formerly affiliated with Columbia University College of Surgeons as an Instructor in Clinical Psychology at Roosevelt Hospital Center Department of Psychiatry.