The Brain Resource Center offers the latest technology and approaches based on decades of neuroscience research and have developed a tailored process of assessment that measures your brain function and a specialized treatment plans to help retrain your brain for optimal performance.

A look at your brain


Brain Insight

You’ll begin with an intake assessment. We offer a multimodal assessment plan, including brain mapping using a proprietary platform developed by Brain Resource Ltd., that helps tailor the process to measure your brain function.

Your brain program at the Brain Resource Center


Your Program

After we’ve compiled your brain’s specific data, our comprehensive assessment process compares brain functions and other physiological and cognitive measures to healthy norms to best find a treatment that’s right for you. Treatment options vary depending on age, diagnosis, symptom profile and severity, and personal preference and life style.

Setting longterm goals at the Brain Resource Center


Long-term Goals

We belive in personalized medicine because delivering the right treatment to the right person at the right time to maximize the safety and efficacy of treatment is what matters. Our approach to personalized medicine disregards the one-size-fits-all model to change the way you think about, identify and manage health problems in the long term.

Has Life Caused Your Brain to Slow Down?

It’s likely that you’ve encountered obstacles that have changed the course of your life. It’s ok, we understand. Let us hear your frustrations so we can help you get through these temporary setbacks and get you back on the right path through science, technology, and the untapped power of your own brain.